Anionic polyelectrolyte

Anionic polyelectrolyte
Anionic polyelectrolyte
Product Description

Product Features:

SETIFLOC-PLUS is a HIGH molecular weight ANIONICflocculant in granulated powder form. This product is designed to enhanceliquid/solid separation in a wide variety of industrial applications like

Clarification, Settling, Thickening, Concentrating,Dewatering, Floatation, Filteration


Dosage: 0.1% solution to be prepared and dosed to theeffluent. Rapid Settling is observed and minimising turbidityby encapsulating suslended flocsefficiently.


Superior floc formation; Major effects yielded withlimited use; Faster settling rate & clarification;Use over a broad pH; Superior filteration & dewatering;Combined use with organic coagulant or cross treatment with cationic polymergives superior treatment effects; Removal of suspended solids, BOD, COD andphosphate in waste water treatmentplant


Disclaimer: Theabove information is correct to the best of our knowledge, however therecommendations are without engagement on our part as they depend upon theconditions which vary from plant to plant.

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