Scouring Agent in Textile

Scouring Agent in Textile
Scouring Agent in Textile
Product Description

Technical Function:

Wetting &Detergency in Pre-Treatment process

Technical Composition:

Performance blend ofnon-ionic surfactants


Sustained low foamthroughout the process cycle

Eliminates the needof defoamer & deaerators

Highly efficientwetting, rewetting & scouring aid

Essentially forscouring of yarn in package-dyeing

machines and forone bath scouring bleaching operations in soft flow machines . APEO free.

Technical Properties

Appearance:      Clear to light yellow liquid

Ionicity:                Non-ionic

Constitution:      Synergistic blend of ethoxylates

Application & Dosage

SCOURTEX JSL ishighly recommended for use in the scouring of yarn, knit fabrics.  The good penetration into the core of theyarn ensures very good wetting, rewetting, and absorbency. A dosage of 0.5% -2.0% on weight of fabric or yarn is recommended. However a dosage of 0.7-0.8%was found to be optimal. Suitable for cotton as well as synthetics. Optimaldosage 0.7 to 0.8% on weight of yarn. Also suitable in cheese & cabinetmachines.

Shelf Life:            One year from date of mfg.

Packing:               50 kgs HDPE carboys.


The aboveinformation is correct to the best of our knowledge;

however therecommendations are without any engagement on

our part as theydepend upon the conditions of usage, which

vary from plant toplant.


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