Sequestering agent water treatment

Sequestering agent water treatment
Sequestering agent water treatment
Product Description


Technical Function:       

Universal Sequestering Agent 

Technical Composition:

Blend of organic acids



Very effective for controlling water hardness. Improves thewashing and soil suspending properties of surfactants. Facilitates dissolvingof dyestuffs. Prevents deposits from forming on the surface of the substrate.Enables obtain brighter & reproducible dyeing. Controls calcium hardness inprocess water.                       

Technical Properties:

Appearance:      Whitefree flowing powder

Ionicity:                Anionic

Constitution:      Synergisticblend of organic compounds

pH:         4 – 5

Sequestering Value: Min 600 +/- 10


Application Dosage:

QUEST WSB is highly recommended for use in the processing ofcotton, polyester and their blends. Dosage in each case ranges from 1 – 3 gplof the quantity of water used in the process. However the actual dosage dependson the hardness of the water that needs to be

softened. It is also used in applications wherever Di sodiumEDTA is used. The dosages in each case will have to ascertained by the enduser. Generally it has proven to be a cost effective substitute            


Storage:               Stableunder normal conditions of Storage

Packing:               25kgs HDPE bags



The above information is correct to the best of ourknowledge, however the recommendations are without any engagement on our partas they depend upon the conditions of usage, which vary from plant to plant


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